Examples: Palm Tree on a beach | James Bond Island | Person in Forest (Using Masks)

This example demonstrates what you can do when using masks to protect or delete parts of your image.

Without protection, the person present in this image gets quite distorted when shrinking to 70% of the original dimensions (due to the high contrast of the detailed greenery that is present throughout the image). Using a mask to protect the person, and the bird she is pointing at, achieves the desired results.
You can also use masks to delete parts of your image when resizing it - this is demonstrated in the bottom-most part of the page by completely removing the person from the image.

Original image | liquid resize to 70% without mask  
Original Image liquid without mask 70%  
mask to protect areas | liquid resize to 70% with protection mask | bicubic resize to 70%
protection mask liquid with protection mask 70% bicubic 70%
mask to delete areas | liquid resize to 70% with deletion mask  
deteltion mask liquid with deletion mask 70%